Paris flea markets: antique stores at St Ouen flea market / Puces de Clignancourt
Paris flea markets: antique stores at St Ouen flea market / Puces de Clignancourt

Paris Flea Market: Saint-Ouen – Porte de Clignancourt

Looking for: Vintage Clothing

The so-called “vintage” fleas, is a selection of vintage clothing shops, that sell fashion accessories, retro jewelry, and other vintage related objects. If you are looking for the hidden gem or simply want to satisfy your curiosity and get an idea of what vintage fashion looks like, this place is made for you.

At the St Ouen vintage flea markets, you will definitely find laces that attract you eye on a garment or just fabrics made by really talented artists, as well as accessories like old hats, scarves, coats and so on. If you wish to dress differently, to revamp your wardrobe with clothes from another generation, to stand out from the crowd or to simply try something different, the St Ouen vintage fleas located in Marché Dauphine, Le Passage, Marché Serpette and Marché Vernaison, are worth a visit.

Alain Fradin and Eric Foil: twentieth century vintage. Located alley 5/Booth 212

Alexis T.: fashion designer. Located Booth 58.

Artemisia and Cunegonde:  vintage “Haute Couture”. Located alley located 1/Booth 28

Chez Sarah: vintage and antique clothing accessories, jewelry, lace, ribbons, furniture and everything related to retro fashion for women, men and children. Located at Marché Le Passage.

David Netter: vintage clothing from the 50s-80s, Design-Vintage. Located alley 2/Booth 32

Docks Radio Sopradio: wireless telegraphy, phonograph, cinema.

Falbala: Superb selection of clothing from the 18th century to the 70s, for men and women (dresses, suits, lace, lingerie, corsets, shoes, hats and other accessories). Charming and affordable . Located at Marché Dauphine – 1st floor.

Foxystand:  Vintage clothes, shoes, boot. Located at booth 06.

Les dentelles aux puces, le vintage Francine Dentelles: dresses and lace collection. If you are looking for rare clothes with a kind of patina or retro cloth, then you should make a stop at le vintage Francine Dentelle. This shop offers a selection of (rather expensive but beautiful) clothes and accessories from the 19th and 20th century. You will also find vintage linens for your home. Located alley 7/booth 121 & 123 – Marché Vernaison.

La tranchée militaire : Military surplus and typical vintage items made in USA. Iif you are looking for a pair of army rangers, a navy coat, Hawaiian shirts, uniforms, regiments badge, duffle bag … La tranchée militaire is where you will find your favorite purchases. Located along the marché Malik.

La Marelle: furniture and vintage decor for children. La Marelle Antiquités sells vintage chairs, tables, small desks, wooden benches, antique toys (18th, 19th centuries and 50s) for children. Almost all items are restored by Marelle Antiquités so children can actually use them in absolute safety. Located stand 86 – Marché Dauphine.

Les merveilles de Babellou : twelfth to twentieth century vintage. Located in the Paul Bert and Serpette market, these high end vintage clothing store (three stores) await you. These shop are literally a wonder because they showcase haute-couture dresses, antique jewelry, bags, belts, designer shoes by YSL, Lacroix, Chanel, Mugler, Hermes, Vuitton and many others. Located alley 1/booth 12-13 and alley 6/booth 77)

Vêtement vintage aux puces – les chapeaux Mandana: vintage luxury clothing and accessories. Luxury clothing, handbag, travel bag, accessories and vintage scarf. The Madana Vintage Paris boutique offers authentic designer items in consignment with invoice and appraisal, like Chanel, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent, Vuitton and other luxury brands. Located on the ground floor of Marché Malassis/Booth 71)

Martine Vintage: Vintage clothing and accessories. Located 139 rue des Rosiers

Patricia Attwood:  This small shop with a “sixties” style, sells “Haute Couture” vintage clothing,  accessories, dresses. Located in Market Serpette alley/Booth 7.

Giraud Art Deco: vintage jewelry, furniture, art
This  specialist in 20th century vintage showcases treasures of deco light fixtures: Circa lighting, crystal chandeliers, Murano lamps, as well as dressers, chests, and mirror! located rue des Rosiers/Booth 91-91 ).

Sols Vintage: General vintage items (located alley 6/Booth 234)

Ali Baba’s Cavern: Vintage “Toys and Collectibles”, antiques of all kinds, primitive art.

Sebbagh Virginie : Curiosities and objects from the twentieth century. Located alley 7/Booth 146a)

Habitat: A Vintage space dedicated to the resale and purchase of furniture and home accessories (bed, dining room, kitchen , etc. ..) from past collections of the Habitat brand (60s, 70s, 80s and 90s). One way to redo your home decor from another time in a unique way. Located on 77-81 rue des Rosiers, around the Puces de Saint-Ouen.

Habitat 1964 st ouen