Paris flea markets: antique stores at St Ouen flea market / Puces de Clignancourt
Paris flea markets: antique stores at St Ouen flea market / Puces de Clignancourt

Paris Flea Market: Saint-Ouen – Porte de Clignancourt

Looking for: Vintage Toys

Dolls, toy soldiers, carousels Flea market vendors specialized in antique toys, sell and exhibit objects that are sometimes found in museum collections. Who does not have a nostalgic memory for toys? If you visit the St Ouen Flea Market, you will find on some booth, vintage toys that will take you back in time to find yourself in awe at a Raynal dolls, an electric train or Meccano boxes that used to make children and their dads excited!

And do not forget the various games which are certainly less famous but can still make you dream to ad to your collection or just have fun with.

toys on display at Marché Vernaison St Ouen

If you’re on the look for vintage toys, you should visit the Marché Malassis located under the great olive groves dome, in the Vernaison market.

Ali Baba’s Cavern: Vintage “Toys and Collectibles”, antiques of all kinds, primitive art.

Sebbagh Virginie : Curiosities and objects from the twentieth century. Located alley 7/Booth 146a)

La Marelle: furniture and vintage decor for children. La Marelle Antiquités sells vintage chairs, tables, small desks, wooden benches, antique toys (18th, 19th centuries and 50s) for children. Almost all items are restored by Marelle Antiquités so children can actually use them in absolute safety. Located stand 86 – Marché Dauphine.

Toys st ouen flea market

La Collectionnite Located in the Marché Malassis, this store sells collections of antique toys and games ranging from 1850 to 1950. Metal and wood toys, figurines, robots, toy soldiers, tiny cars, boats, sailboats, etc … not to mention famous brands like Dinky Toys, Citroen, Hornby. At La Collectionnite, you can find rare toys in good condition. And if you have at home an outstanding toy – particularly if it’s in good condition – you can contact them. They’ll be happy to attend to you. Located on the ground floor of Marché Malassis/Booth 05).