Worlds longest yard sale 127 corridor sale by risingthermals
Worlds longest yard sale 127 corridor sale by risingthermals

127 Corridor Sale: The World’s Longest Yard Sale

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Every flea market enthusiast should attend the 127 Corridor Sale at least once in a lifetime. Also known as 127 Yard Sale, this iconic event is the world’s longest yard sale, running for 690 miles along Highway 127 on a North-South axis across the United States.

If the world’s longest flea market is not yet on your bucket list, then you should add it now! After all, the 127 Yard Sale is considered one of the 10 best highway yard sales in the US. This highway yard sale starts on the first Thursday every August and runs for 4 days, through Sunday.

127 Corridor Sale: The World’s Longest Yard Sale

Every year, the towns along U.S. Route 127 (US 127) hold a coordinated yard sale in August, which has become a famous event of epic proportions. The Hwy 127 corridor, stretching over 690 miles of scenic rural highway from Addison, Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama, transforms into one huge flea market.

Seasoned dealers in formal tents, as well as locals unloading the contents of their attics, set up shop roadside. Individuals clean out their closets and stake out their front yards along the Highway to welcome the onslaught of visitors from the North, South East, and West. It is a mutual exchange of cultures with a common goal: to look, buy, and sell.

At the world’s longest yard sale, you will see almost every type of item you could think of along this otherwise sleepy, rural highway. On over 690 miles of roadside stalls, you will see crocheted table linens, boxes of fishing lures, weathered iron bed frames, garden statuary, and plenty of vintage Americana collectibles among heaps of junk.

Although you might have to look very closely to find truly antique treasures, the Route 127 Corridor Sale is still one of the must-do US flea markets and certainly one of the best summer flea markets in the United States.

127 Corridor Sale: Tips for attending the world’s longest yard sale

  • Be there early – even “too early”: As with every flea market event, the best vintage finds at the 127 Yard Sale are to be discovered on the first day. Don’t wait until the weekend, when the onslaught of visitors reaches its peak. Some professional dealers even arrive before the official start on Thursday to snatch the real treasures.
  • Don’t overestimate how far you will drive in a day: The 127 Corridor Sale may not run 100% continuously along 930 miles, but there are so many tempting stops along the way that you can expect to only drive about 50 miles a day.
  • Book your hotel or campsite in well in advance: Check for hotel deals with free cancellation to book well in advance without risking anything if you change your plans. Alternatively, check out the beautiful campsites along the way!
  • Be prepared to squeeze your finds into your ride: It’s not only a matter of space but also preparation! Limit your luggage for the 127 Yard Sale, but bring empty boxes and bubble wrap or furniture blankets to protect fragile items. Many 127 Yard Sale vendors will not provide these items for you.
  • Bring plenty of cash to the 127 Yard Sale: Cash is king at any highway yard sale in the US. And you don’t want to lose precious time looking for a cash machine. Be careful, however, and do not stash everything at one place.
  • Try local foods: No need to lose space in your car by bringing snacks from home. At the bigger stops, you almost always will find food trucks with local specialties and carnival food.
  • Come with the right expectations: Most visitors come to see the unusual and socialize. It’s the perfect North-South US road trip for everybody who is looking for an authentic taste of American vintage, mixed with scenic views of golden wheat fields. Don’t forget to have fun on this 127-yard sale treasure hunt!

127 Yard Sale: Best Stops in each State

  • There isn’t one stretch of road that’s consistently the best, so could let regional attractions narrow your focus. In Tennessee alone, you can stay the night in a tepee or a log cabin and make a pit stop to pick wild blueberries at Pickett State Park.
  • Most stops try to catch visitors’ attention with flashy signs. But you should also be on the lookout for more modest signs and smaller stops, where you will run into fewer crowds and may be able to uncover some hidden treasures.
  • There is no golden rule which type of venue is the most promising to find vintage or antiques. Whether it’s old barns, church sales, or neighborhoods: just go with your gut!
  • Follow #127yardsale on twitter, facebook or Instagram to find out about other people’s successful stops and last-minute announcements.
  • If you are looking for stops with more than just a handful of vendors, then focus on the big stops. Many venues along the Highway 127 gather 50 or 70 vendors and more, but occasionally there are venues such as the Eagle Lake Expo Center in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, where more than 400 vendors gather.

Our list of some of the biggest stops along the 127 Yard Sale:

  • Biggest 127 Yard Sale stops in Ohio: More than 100 vendors: Van Wert County Fairgrounds in Van Wert, OH. 1055 S Washington St Van Wert, OH 45891
  • Biggest 127 Yard Sale stops in Kentucky: More than 400 vendors: Eagle Lake Expo Center in Lawrenceburg, KY. 1008 Eagle Lake Dr, Lawrenceburg, KY 40342
  • Biggest 127 Yard Sale stops in Tennessee: More than 150 vendors at two separate venues in Clarkrange, TN 38553: at the South Fentress Community Park, 6233 S York Hwy, and at the Cumberland Mountain General Store, 6807 S York Hwy.

Authentic American Culture at the 127 Corridor Sale

The 127 Corridor Sale is an excellent opportunity to cross up to six U.S. States and soak up authentic, rural American culture. This unique event attracts not only locals, tourists, and professional antique dealers from near and far, but also artists such as Greg Ruffing, a photographer based in Chicago who documents the nuanced phenomenon of American yard sales.

A few years ago, he traveled down south and photographed the 127 Corridor Sale. With his fascinating photographs, he opens the door to provide observers with a glimpse of authentic American culture. He shows a culture of wheelers and dealers of all ages and social backgrounds. Read more about Ruffing’s project on Wired.

 127 Corridor Sale: The World’s Longest Yard Sale

  • What: For sheer variety, nothing tops the World’s Longest Yard Sale, a bargain hunter’s paradise that meanders along 654 miles of scenic rural highway.
  • The best shot at a bargain: At a sale this vast, it’s all about persistence and luck.
  • Where does the World’s Longest Yard Sale begin and end? From Addison, Michigan, to Gadsden, Alabama; Headquarters: 114 Central Avenue West Jamestown, Tennessee 38556 (show on Fleamapket)
  • When: first Thursday in August through the following Sunday.
  • Phone: 931-879-9948 or 1-800-327-3945
  • Read: 127 Corridor Sale listing on Fleamapket
  • Website:

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