The Best Flea Markets in Italy

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Flea Markets in Abruzzo

L’Aquila flea market

Piazza Santa Maria di Paganica, Abruzzo – Second weekend of the month

Held on the second weekend of every monthL’Aquila flea market hosts a variety of goods. Antiques, leather goods, umbrellas, socks and underwear are sold all marked at discount prices. The Markets has optimal evenly spaced stalls and has plenty of room for large crowds to walk around the markets in enjoyment, without being cramped by other people.

The Market is held at the Piazza Santa Maria di Paganica, right in L’Aquila. L’Aquila flea markets is a great day out, where you can relax, walk around, buy and browse. Source: taylahscultureassignment.weebly.com

L'Aquila Flea Market