The Best Flea Markets in Italy

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Flea Markets in Lazio (Rome)

Flea Markets in Rome

A tour of the best flea markets in Italy would not be complete without a stop in the Eternal City. What could indeed be better than strolling Rome’s cobblestone streets in search of the perfect gift? But before you head out, let us give you a piece of advice. As anyone who has ever shopped in the sprawling flea markets of Rome will tell you: Wear comfortable shoes and come armed with a wallet full of cash! Flea markets in Italy are wonderful for travelers looking for the perfect treasure to bring home.

At Rome’s flea markets, one could spend hours strolling through colorful displays of clothing, trinkets, and even local food! Here is a list of the 7 must-do flea markets in Rome.

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Other flea markets in Lazio:

  • Rieti flea market, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele (Tel. +39 0746 2871). Third weekend of the month: antiques and objects
  • Viterbo flea market, Historic Centre (Tel. +39 0761 348363). Third Sunday of the month: antiques, objects and collectables.
  • Genova flea market, “Antiquari nella Genova Antica”, Palazzo Ducale (Tel. +39 010 588735). First weekend of the month: antiques.
  • La Spezia Piazza Cavour flea market (Tel. +39 0187 745631). First Sunday of the month: furniture – antique and modern
  • Rapallo (GE) flea market, “Il Tarlo” Historic Centre (Tel. +39 0185 273092). Fourth Sunday of the month: antiques – Santa Margherita (GE), Via Partigiani d’Italia (Tel. +39 0185 205315). First weekend: crafts.