The Best Flea Markets in Italy

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Flea Markets in Emilia Romagna (Modena, Ferrara, Bologna)

Modena flea market

Parco Novi, Modena –  Saturday and Sunday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm  (Fourth weekend of the month)

On the fourth Saturday and Sunday of every month, the Modena flea market displays a variety of antiques that can leave more than one visitor surprised by its condition and value: objects of all kinds can be found from mink coats at a great price and in perfect condition, to porcelain dolls or pianos, the question being how do they get the stuff out to the market.

Halfway between ancient times and a flea market, the Modena flea market offers the opportunity to spend a good hour browsing through the various stalls.

flea market modena

Ferrara flea market

Piazza Municipale/Savonarda – Saturday and Sunday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm, First weekend (except August)

The Ferrara flea market and antique market takes place on the first weekend of every month, between the Piazza Castello and the Piazza Savonarola.

At the Ferrara flea market and antique collectibles, visitors can find various kind of items like coins, medals, pottery and porcelain, lace and embroidery, ornaments, frames and prints, stamps, miniatures, manuscripts, furniture, glassware, books, magazines, comic books, costume jewelry, military objects, gramophones or radio.

Ferrara flea market

Bologna Vintage Market

Piazza Santo Stefano – Second weekend (except July, August and January)

The Mercato Vintage on the Piazza Santo Stefano takes place every second weekend of the month (except July, August and January). Sellers showcase objects, furniture and antiques. There is also an antique market on the same square every Thursday.

In Piazza 8 Agosto there is a street market every Friday and Saturday where you can find beautiful vintage fashion, particulary dresses.

Flea market Bologna Santo Stefano

Other flea markets in Emilia Romagna:

  • Ravenna flea market, Piazza Einaudi and Piazza Garibaldi (Tel. +39 0544 482025). Third weekend: antiques and crafts.
  • Pordenone flea market, Corso Vittorio Emanuele (Tel. +39 0434 20164). Last Sunday of the month (exceptions may apply): antiques and objects
  • Trieste flea market, Piazza dell’ Unita’ d’Italia (Tel. +39 040 6796111). Third Sunday of the month: collectables
  • Udine flea market, Piazza Matteotti (Tel. +39 0432 504070). First Sunday of the month: antiques and objects.
  • In addition, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, each month (exceptions may apply):
    • 1st Sunday of the month: Gemona del Friuli flea market (Udine)
    • 2nd Sunday of the month: Udine, Viale Forze Armate flea market
    • 3rd Sunday of the month: Gradisca d’Isonzo flea market (Gorizia)
    • 4th Sunday of the month: Cividale del Friuli flea market (Udine)