The Best Flea Markets in Italy

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Flea Markets in Lombardy (Milan)

Flea Markets in Milan

Milan is the hub of Italian fashion, music, media and sports. With so many things to do and see, take the time to simply enjoy yourself – relax and sip an aperitivo while you consider your options for dinner.

There are 5 flea markets in Milan and in its vicinity which you should consider visiting while staying in the capital city of Lombardy:

milan flea market

Other flea markets in Lombardy:

  • Brescia flea market, Piazza della Vittoria (Tel. +39 0302977863). Second Sunday of the month: furniture, antiques and collectables
  • Cremona flea market, Piazza Stradivari, near the Cathedral (Tel. +39 0335 7120025). Third Sunday of the month (except July and August): furniture and collectables
  • Mantova flea market, Piazza Castello (Tel. +39 0376 225757). Third Sunday of the month: antiques
  • Varese flea market, Piazza Montegrappa (Tel. +39 0331 634378). First Sunday of the month: antiques and collectables.
  • Ascoli Piceno flea market, Chiostro S. Francesco in Piazza Roma (Tel. +39 0736 256956). Third weekend of the month (except July and August): antiques, furniture, and decorative items
  • Recanati (MC) flea market, Piazza Giacomo Leopardi (Tel. +39 0736256956). First weekend of the month: of the month small antique furniture and objects
  • Urbino flea market, Historic Centre, Fourth Sunday of the month: antiques, objects and collectables. Info. Markets of Marche: Tel. +39 0736 256956 – Fax +39 0736 256956 www.osteriamuseo.it