10 Beloved Vintage Toy Cameras under $90 USD

Blackbird Fly 35mm film camera ($86.48)

Blackbird Fly Camera
Blackbird Fly Camera

Introduced in the Superheadz Magic camera tour 2008, the Blackbird Fly is arguably one of the most unique toy cameras available on the market: it’s a Twin Lens Reflex (TLR), uses 35mm film (instead of the standard 120mm), shoots in three formats, and is available in a number of different colours including orange, red, blue, black, white and yellow.

Like all TLR cameras, the Blackbird Fly sports two lenses: the lower for exposing the film, and a flip-up and look down viewfinder to frame up using the upper lens. Because all TLR cameras share the “look down” viewfinders, shooting pictures on the Blackbird Fly gives a very different feel to the picture taking process, mainly because you’re framing much lower than with conventional cameras.

While most TLR cameras use 120 format film, the Blackbird Fly uses 35mm film, which are less harder to find, and can be developed way faster at the nearest 1-hour photo. The Blackbird Fly can also shoot in 3 formats: normal 35mm (24mm x 36mm), square format (24mm x 24mm), and large square format (36mm x 36mm). Lastly, the settings of the Blackbird Fly are easy to tinker with even for a beginner, while the photos are of rather good quality.

All in all, the Blackbird Fly is not a camera you want for snapshots, but rather for deliberate and thought out picture composition. And if you don’t have the budget for a real twin lens reflex like a Rolleiflex, Yashika Mat 124 or a Lubitel 166+, the Blackbird Fly is a fun alternative to discover the pleasure of shooting pictures on a TLR.

Price: from $86.48 on Amazon

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