10 Beloved Vintage Toy Cameras under $90 USD

Lomography Sprocket Rocket 915 35mm film camera ($79.99)


Lomography’s Sprocket Rocket truly takes analogue photography into an exciting new era. It is the world’s first wide-angle camera that takes super-sharp panoramic photographs with the classic sprocket hole detail!

Wait… what are sprocket hole?

For some Lomographers, sprocket-hole photography has long been an obsession. The sprocket holes are basically the small rectangular perforations on a 35mm film, located on each edge of the film, and are used to guide the film through the camera from its canister. The Sprocket Rocket allows you to really get the most out of your film by exposing the image on the full length of the film, including and extending past the sprocket holes!

The Sprocket Rocket is also fully equipped with a super wide-angle lens, allowing you to really get the whole picture: whether you want to have your entire graduation class in one photo or fit that stunning cityscape into one frame, the Sprocket Rocket‘s crisp and beautiful panorama function, makes it possible.

You can also remix your photos and your memories with the unique dual winding knobs. Dance, dart and flutter between frames to your heart’s content – the Sprocket Rocket is a basic, straight-forward, fun camera that allows for a lot of exploration, multiple exposures and creativity. Simply load the Sprocket Rocket with any 35mm film to produce 18 mind-blowing and sprock-ified panoramas!

Price: from $79.99 on Amazon

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