10 Beloved Vintage Toy Cameras under $90 USD

Lomography Lomokino 35mm Movie Maker 420 ($58.24)

Lomokino 35mm Movie Maker 420
Lomokino 35mm Movie Maker 420

The Lomokino 35mm Movie Maker 420 pays homage to the original Chaplin-era movie cameras. Basically, you just need to hand-crank the 35mm film through the box-like device, while a fixed-focus lens captures all the jittery, grainy action. It can’t get more retro than that.

For a toy camera, Lomography put a lot of polish on the fit and finish of its Lomokino 35mm Movie Maker 420. The camera is encased in a sort of faux leather, which actually lends the device a pretty good aesthetic. It is small, and although it feels like it would not withstand a beating, the Lomokino 35mm Movie Maker 420 does feel durable enough to use without worrying about breaking it.

The image quality is what makes the Lomokino 35mm Movie Maker 420 truly unique. This camera shoots in a super-wide aspect ratio and uses a plastic lens, meaning that each frame you shoot has 25% area volume of a standard 35mm frame and its lens is far from sharp on the edges and corners. Based on the device’s specifications, a full roll of 36 exposures should capture 144 frames, which in turn will result in 50-60 seconds of footage.

However, this is all part of the charm of the Lomokino 35mm Movie Maker 420, and the look is uniquely Lomo. If you’ve ever shot through a Holga, it’s pretty much of that quality.

The Lomokino 35mm Movie Maker 420 is a lot of fun to shoot and the end result of the process is unlike anything you may have shot with.

Price: from $58.24 on Amazon

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