antiques and flea markets Amsterdam 0027
antiques and flea markets Amsterdam 0027

Vintage, Design and Flea Markets: A 3 days shopping tour in Amsterdam

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Day 1: Intro (Getting Lost In Amsterdam And Buzzing Around)


There’s nothing like getting lost somewhere: that’s the best way to go off the beaten path, flee the waves of tourists that washes the shores of your patience, and make the best discoveries along the way (plus, you can be proud of yourself because you made these discoveries just ON YOUR OWN). So, if you have the luxury to spend more than two days in a foreign city, indulge yourself with a little bit of “let’s get lost” in the city; after that, you might even wonder why you should spend two extra days there (well, I guess this is meant to be at peace with your conscience, and do THAT tourist stuff you SHOULD do since you’re here). There is nothing like “something you should do” when traveling for leisure.

As a starting point, you can first ask locals (your hotel receptionist should be a good advisor for that matter) what the main districts of the city are (not “tourist attractions” – keep it general) based on what you’re looking for, and from here, create your own path and schedule on the go. That’s just what we did, and we love what we saw.

Venues visited on Day 1: