antiques and flea markets Amsterdam 0027
antiques and flea markets Amsterdam 0027

Vintage, Design and Flea Markets: A 3 days shopping tour in Amsterdam

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Day 3: Tourist Stuff


Yes I remember what I wrote about the “avoid tourist stuff”. But to this point we had done a pretty decent tour of the city, collected more than enough VDRPOIs (Vintage & Design-Realted Points of Interest) and we really wanted to see what the revamped Rijksmuseum looked like (after all, the museum had be closed to the public for ten years, which pretty tickled our imagination – Last time I was in Amsterdam was exactly a couple of month before the museum closed its doors…). Also, the Museum of Modern Art is worth the detour, not to mention the Van Gogh museum (which was totally swamped with tourists when we passed it on our way to an almost empty Slijkmuseum).

Venue visited on Day 3: