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The Ultimate Guide to Germany’s Best Flea Markets

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Best Flea Markets in Dusseldorf (NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA)

Aachener Platz Flea & Antique Market: A “classic” flea market with a cult factor

The Flea & Antique Market at Aachener Platz (Trödel & Antikmarkt am Aachener Platz) in Dusseldorf is one of the oldest and largest flea markets in Germany. Since its opening in May 1976, it has been running every Saturday morning from 06:00 a.m., welcoming up to 20,000 visitors on its best days.

Held on an area of about 20,000 square meters, the Flea & Antique Market at Aachener Platz  can accommodate up to 600 dealers showcasing everything a visitor could wish to see at a flea market: from antiques and collectibles, to second-hand clothes, records and CDs, this flea market features all sorts of bizarre and quirky stories from German households.

A Legendary Flea market

The Flea & Antique Market at Aachener Platz has a real cult factor and is legendary in Dusseldorf. Joseph Beuys, one of the most influential artists of the second half of the 20th century, was a regular visitor to this flea market.

It was founded by true lovers of good old junk, who carefully made sure all along that the majority of stalls offered real flea market stuff (understand “vintage” and “antique“), and not cheap second hand junk.

The fact that about 80 percent of the stalls are run by individuals and antique dealers (like a good old flea market), is not foreign to managing to achieve this.

In addition to the selected music concerts that give the whole market an artsy atmosphere, a special focus is given to homemade food and drinks as well as a special interest in organic products.

And as an example of the real spirit of sustainability that reigns at the Flea & Antique Market at Aachener Platz, a shuttle service has been set up to connect the flea market premises to the nearby car parks (Südfriedhof and Südpark).

Structure of the flea market

The entire terrain where the flea market is held, is divided into a total of three areas: one spacious outdoor ground (flea market stalls), one air-conditioned tent (antiques and flea stalls), and finally a café with the fitting name of Sperrmüll (bulky waste in German).

The main flea market area is located in the outdoor ground. In addition to the exciting potpourri of non-conventional bits and pieces, there are all kinds of second-hand goods, such as bicycles, electronics, music instruments, LPs, books, and of course vintage clothes waiting for their new owners.

© Jaro Flohmarkt Aachener Platz

The antiques and flea tent is a more extravagant, though exclusive, version of the outdoor flea market. Flea market and antiques experts let their keen eye wander through the stalls filled with unusual antiques, rare collectibles and exquisite designer jewelery, searching for the hidden gem.

From precious porcelain services, to glittering chandeliers and fine wood furniture, many treasures have already been uncovered there. But even just strolling and watching can be an experience by itself for the inquisitive eye, as the vivid impression of the place provides an inspiration for one’s own home.

© Kathi Flohmarkt Aachener Platz 2

While the outdoor ground and the air-conditioned tent are dedicated to satisfying one’s hunger for antiques and vintage, the central area of the market looks more like any versatile weekly market in Germany. Its stalls full of cheese and sausages, cut flowers, exotic herbs and organic products are a true pleasure to the prying eyes.

Food, drink and entertainment

The café Sperrmüll provides a resting haven for the soar feet, and an opportunity to indulge a break and join other peddlers in a convivial atmosphere. In the cozy indoors (or in the idyllic beer garden, depending on the weather and the season), visitors can reinvigorate themselves on a budget with cool drinks, coffee and cake, homemade chocolate and delicious sandwiches.

© Kathi Flohmarkt Aachener Platz 3

The café Sperrmüll is also the place to discover new artists and interesting music genre ranging from jazz to flamenco, in a great atmosphere. And for those who cherish the atmosphere of flea markets’ snack, there are a few stands offering Belgian fries, Rhenish potato pancakes, organic pizzas and much more, to satisfy any appetite.

Antique & Flea market square of Aachen
Opening times: from 06:00 a.m.
Address: Ulenbergstraße 10, 40223 Dusseldorf-Bilk

And since you are in Dusseldorf…

The Gare du Neuss flea market is held every Saturday from 08:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. directly at the Neuss train station (15 minutes by train from Dusseldorf central station). It is very popular in the area, and visitors to the flea market can even have breakfast in the beautiful vintage café located nearby.

In addition to the fixed Saturday market, several special markets are held, like Beats & excursions, as well as a night flea market with DJs and live music, designers and kids stuff.