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20 Best Flea Markets in Germany

Best Flea Market in Hanover (LOWER SAXONY)

Old Town Flea Market (Altstadt-Flohmarkt am Hohen Ufer)

For over 45 years, the very popular Old Town Flea Market (Altstadt-Flohmarkt am Hohen Ufer) has been taking place every Saturday throughout the year. It is located on the High bank of Hanover, far beyond the city’s borders.

The very location of the flea market is itself an incentive to visit the flea market, as it offers a picturesque view on the Leine river and the nearby Schlossstraße and Goethestraße.

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The early bird gets the worm

Already by 8:00 a.m., visitors can wander among the various stalls of the flea market and hunt for a bargain. This is the reason why the authority operating the Old Town Flea Market, makes sure that the stand fitting starts as early as 07:00 a.m., so the event may start at 08:00 a.m. sharp, in order to ensure the smooth running of the flea market.

The dismantling of the flea market generally starts at 4:00 p.m., a specified times which applies for the summer season (extends from early April to late October).

In the winter season from early November to late March, the booths placement must be made by no later than 9:00 a.m., while disassembly starts at 3:00 p.m.

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Since the Old Town Flea Market is a traditional flea market featuring art, antiques, kitsch and vintage, the sale of footwear, apparel, food, new and mass-produced merchandises is prohibited. Electrical and electronic items are accepted, as long as they were not produced after 1975.

The Old Town Flea Market is therefore aimed primarily at visitors who traditionally look for grandma’s like antiques and vintage or want to purchase everyday items such as used crockery, books, or tools. CDs and used books are also offered for sale, and since many antique and local record dealer regularly sell on this flea market, vinyl-lovers especially get a great bang for the buck.

Art, kitsch and vintage showcased in a beautiful surrounding

Many consider the Old Town Flea Market as the oldest flea market in Germany. It has often been featured in German media such as NDR, as its picturesque location along the Leine river and its proximity to the old town, make it an attractive tourist location.

Last but not least, the voluminous Nanas by Niki de Saint Phalle surrounding the premises and of course the various restaurants and cafes that invite passersby to linger, offer an additional incentive to spending a day at the Old Town Flea Market.

© murray muraskin hannover, niki de sainte-phalle's nanas on the street hohen ufer from m.

Altstadt-Flohmarkt am Hohen Ufer
Opening times: September / October: 08: 00-16: 00, November / December: 09: 00-15: 00
Address: Am Hohen Ufer, 30159 Hanoverärkte/Altstadt-Flohmarkt-am-Hohen-Ufer



  1. Stu

    Hey are you going to Munich on April 18th? I live in Vienna and am thinking of making a last minute trip to find some old video games. Hit me up if you’d like an extra to help with petrol costs :P

    • Servas Stu! Thanks for stopping by and asking! Unfortunately this year we won’t be going to Munich’s Riesenflohmarkt Frühlingsfest, as we’ll be traveling to France on the same weekend. But if you wish we can post a message on our FB page to ask if anyone in Vienna is going, and would be able to take you with :) Let me know

  2. Jaehong Woo

    hi. i have one question… in this fleamarket, are there old violins to be repaired? please advise me where i can find old violins and bows… thanks

  3. alice

    hey do you have to be a german native to sell sdomething in flea market and are there abny fee tha one has to pay to be allowed to sell their old stuff?

  4. alice

    hey do you have to be a german natuve to sell something in the flea market and are there any fee that one has to pay to be allowed to sell their old stuff?

    • Hi Alice, regulations change from one flea market to the other one. So I’d advise that you get in touch with the organizers of the flea market where you wish to sell. I’ve never heard anything about being a German national to be allowed to sell at a flea market. So you should be able to sell there too!

  5. I will have time for only one flea market in Munich. Which one is the best for vintage and antique decorative items, vintage Christmas decorations, household, etc. items. We aren’t interested in junk, new stuff, toys (unless vintage), clothes, records, etc.
    Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. Ciao, ti ringrazio per tutte queste info preziosissime, la mia domanda però è questa, a Monaco in quale di questi mercatini è più facile trovare porcellane vintage? Sono alla ricerca di vecchi servizi da tea o piatti della manifattura bavarese. Nei vari link vedo sempre cianfrusaglie, libri, lampade ma mai porcellane. Le troverò anche in questi Mercatini? Oppure c’è un mercato apposito? Io visiterò Monaco e Fussen (romantique strasse), hai notizie di qualcosa di specifico dove possa trovare le mie amate porcellane vintage? Grazie in anticipo

  7. Andy Greetham

    I am looking to come to Germany to look for old toys and wondered which show would be the best to visit especially interested in soft toys?

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