IJ Hallen feature picture
IJ Hallen feature picture

7 Best Flea Markets to follow on Instagram

There is no better way to get to know a country than by visiting its flea markets – if only we all had the budget to tour the world and visit markets all year round. Of course, nowadays online shops for vintage are just a fingertip away – but for vintage home decor inspiration, we recommend visiting these 7 flea markets on Instagram.

So, for all those who dream of traveling the world to visit flea markets, you can now do it sitting in your office with a cup of coffee in hand. Whether you are just looking for some vintage inspiration or contemplating your next travel destination as an antique lover, you should follow these 7 flea markets on Instagram.

1. @pucesducanal – Les Puces du Canal flea market, France

Les Puces du Canal
Les Puces du Canal

Also known as the Lyon Flea Market, Les Puces du Canal gathers more than 600 vendors every week and is the second-largest flea market in France. As it is exclusively accessible to professional antique sellers, you will only find top-quality items. On its Instagram account, Les Puces du Canal shares close-ups of the most amazing vintage designer pieces and antiques, as well as portraits of their vendors. We particularly fell in love with all the beautiful photographs of vintage designer chairs.

Visit: Les Puces du Canal on Instagram
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2. @marburgerfarm – Marburger Farm Antique Show, USA

Marburger Farm
Marburger Farm

Going strong as a favorite source for antiques for the past 20 years, Marburger Farm Antique Show is a 43-acre antiquing wonderland in Round Top, Texas, bringing together more than 350 expert dealers from the U.S and Europe. Scrolling through these antique markets’ pictures on Instagram feels pretty much like shopping in a vintage version of Ikea: every carefully-designed booth is so aesthetically pleasing, it makes us want to book a flight and be there right away!

Visit: Marburger Farm Antique Show on Instagram 
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3. @fleamarketbcn – Flea Market Barcelona, Spain

Flea Market Barcelona
Flea Market Barcelona

A firm believer in the old saying “One man’s garbage is another man’s gold.”, Flea Market Barcelona is part of a new generation of flea markets that started in 2007 and hosts two different markets – Fleadonia and El Flea. Its Instagram account is often updated with snapshots of stylish vendors and happy buyers at the flea market; you can also take a peek at its quirky event posters! This Instagram feed is 100% Barcelona.

Visit: Flea Market Barcelona on Instagram
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4. @paulbertserpette – Paul Bert Serpette, France 

Paul Bert Serpette
Paul Bert Serpette

Proudly known as the world’s biggest antique market, Paul Bert Serpette has been drawing more than 5000 visitors every weekend since 1946. Part of the famous Les Puces de Saint-Ouen (or Les Puces), this elegant market is often visited by famous interior designers and passionate expert collectors from around the world. Browsing through this flea market’s Instagram account will give you the impression of shopping at a high-end boutique, or even strolling through a museum. Most of the professionally photographed antique and vintage pieces may be out of your budget, but at least your Instagram feed gets an elegant makeover.

Visit: Paul Bert Serpette on Instagram 
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5. @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket – Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market, USA

Junk in the Trunk VIntage Market
Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market

 Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market originally started off as a backyard sale by two vintage-loving friends. As of today, it is the most well-attended and creative flea market in the state of Arizona, inspiring creativity by curating hundreds of hand-picked vendors. Its Instagram account, personally run by the two founders of Junk In The Trunk, features not only impressions of the vintage markets, but also beautiful vintage home decor inspiration. What sets this Instagram feed apart from the rest are their funny Instagram stories – including impromptu dance routines to the latest Miley Cyrus songs!

Visit: Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market on Instagram 
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6. @annexmarkets – Annex Markets, USA

Annex Markets
Annex Markets

In operation since 1976, Annex Markets has run a big number of antique and flea markets in New York, among which the most popular ones are Chelsea Flea Market which evokes the original Annex Antiques Fair, and Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market which was named one of the world’s top ten shopping streets by National Geographic. Check out this flea market Instagram account, drool at the many vintage treasures that can be found at the flea market, and soak up the cool NYC vibe!

Visit: Annex Markets on Instagram 
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7. @ijhallen – IJ-Hallen, Holland 

IJ Hallen
IJ Hallen

As one of Europe’s biggest monthly flea markets, IJ-Hallen is a much-loved treasure trove located in the most densely populated area of Amsterdam, just a quick (and free) ferry ride away from Amsterdam Central Station. This flea market’s Instagram account is always sprinkled with colorful vintage knick-knacks and snapshots of visitors and vendors, capturing the friendly and welcoming vibe of the IJ-Hallen flea market, despite its impressive size.

Visit: IJ-Hallen on Instagram 
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