How to Spot A Real Designer Bag From A Fake

Build A Knowledge Around The Model Of Handbag You Wish To Buy

Make sure this model DOES exist! This sound like common sense, but even the obvious is sometimes overlooked. For instance, if this Channel handbag you’ve seen on eBay or on a stall at the flea market, is available in turquoise blue while the brand has launched it only in black, then you shouldn’t have any doubt about this: you are dealing with a fake. So before you fall for a bag, take the time to know every details of this specific model, in order to avoid making a big mistake later.

“Like the old saying goes, if it is too good to be true, then it probably is”

Tip: Get familiar with the models sold by the brand, and have a close look at the photos of the handbags featured on its official website. This is a time investment, but absolutely worth it as your knowledge will grow over time! A walk in the store is even better (whenever this is possible), in order to see what the original model looks like in real.

It is particularly important to remember all those small pieces of information that will help you see spot a real designer bag from a fake: for instance, where the bag was manufactured (if you are told in an official store, that Louis Vuitton bags are exclusively made in France, then you should of course avoid all models with a “made in China” label), the color variations of this specific model, its size, etc.

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