Flea market season has begun in Copenhagen! (2013 update)

Flea markets thrive during Spring and Summer. There are several places in Copenhagen where open air flea markets tempt you with cheap second hand goods, bric-a-brac, even an overlooked unique antique. The flea markets by the Frederiksberg City Hall, on Israels Plads and on Nørrebrogade tend to be slightly cheaper than the otherwise very popular one at Gammel Strand in the centre of Copenhagen. However, the latter has outdoor cafés and a location on the canal as an extra bonus.

See the dates for flea and craft markets 2013.

Source: visitcopenhagen.com

#1 Italian Flea Markets at Bertel Thorvaldsens Plads

Large Italian market with stalls booming with Italian delicacies, with everything from olives, cheese and wine to clothing, home accessories and cars. And when hunger and thirst arise, there are plenty of Italian delicacies at the market place to eat on the spot or to take home. All three market days you can enjoy free access to Thorvaldsens Museum.

#2 Copenhagen Flea Markets in Den Blå Hal

Indoor flea markets with over 100 stalls and new goods every week. Here you will find retro design, second hand furniture classics, art, toys, vintage and second hand clothing. The flea market has its own café and is open year round.
Every Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 – 16:00.

flea market Copenhagen

#3 Flea markets in Copenhagen Forum

The annual flea market in Forum Copenhagen in the district of Frederiksberg offers lots of old things in high quality. Only your imagination sets the limits for a good purchase.

#4 Norrebro Flea Market

The Nørrebro Flea Market is Denmark’s longest and narrowest. It stretches for 333 metres on one half of the sidewalk by the wall of the Assistens Cemetry on Nørrebrogade. Here you may find a Royal Porcelain Christmas Plate, a Chesterfield chair or plain, down right rubbish. More on Norrebro Flea Market

flea market Copenhagen

#5 Flea market in Lunden

The flea markets in Lunden is a traditional flea market. It takes place at Charlottenlund Trotting Track, north of Copenhagen, where you can play on horse races as well.

#6 Flea Markets by Frederiksberg City Hall

Behind the Frederiksberg City Hall lies one of the busiest flea markets in Copenhagen. It is quite difficult to get a stall, and you have to be an early riser to get lucky. Copenhageners and Frederiksberg citizens have much to offer, when they choose to tidy up in their attic and get rid of their affluence. Among other things you will find quite a lot of Danish fashion brands as well as international fashion brands names when it comes to clothing, but not many antiques. More on Frederiksberg flea market

flea market Copenhagen

#7 Copenhagen Flea Markets

The oldest flea market in Copenhagen is the one on Israels Plads, close to the Nørreport S-Train Station. Here private individuals as well as professional dealers put all kinds of old stuff, antique furniture, His Masters Voice grammophones, and objets d’art up for sale.

#8 Horsholm Flea Markets

Bargains are made, there is quite a lot of small talking and chatting, people intermingling and chances of making some cheap purchases are very good. The flea market takes place in Hørsholm city centre, north of Copenhagen. If it rains, the market is moved indoors to the car park in the western end of the shopping centre.

Flea market frederiksberg loppemarked

#9 Gentofte Flea Market

Every Sunday a flea market is put up behind the Charlottenlund S-Train Station. Private stalls can be rented, and here individuals mount a garage sale. Come rain or shine, there will always be someone eager to bargain. More on Gentofte flea market

#10 Thorvaldsens Plads Antique Market (previously “Gammel Strand Antique Market”)

You can browse through and find antiques and old things of a somewhat more pricy and exclusive type. It is not a big flea market, but it is beautifully located on one of the old canals and has the Café Diamanten and the art museum Kunstforeningen Gammel Strand as its backdrop. Relocated to Bertel Thorvaldsen Plads 2, 1213 Copenhagen, since 2012.

tel. +45 22484177

Every friday and saturday
from 27th. of April to 27th. of October
Fri : 8 – 17
Sat : 9 – 17

#11 Ravnsborggade Flea Markets

Close to Copenhagen’s Lakes at the end of Nørrebrogade, you will find the cozy and vibrant street Ravnsborggade. From being a street exclusively known for its antiques, it is now a wonderful blend of all kinds of shops and one of the best shopping streets in Copenhagen. Antiques are still dominant in the street and at the flea market. More on Ravnsborggade Flea Market

The flea market from Flashboywonder on Vimeo.

#12 Rovsingsgade Flea Market

Rovsingsgademarkedet is located in a large building of 8,000 square meters in the Copenhagen area Østerbro. The organisers call it Copenhagen’s largest flea market, and the supply of goods range from antique furniture to small everyday things. The flea market is open year round, and admission is DKK 10.
Every Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 16:00.

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