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Don’t miss a Flea market Fair. Ever again.

Fleamapket: Your calendar to the best flea markets

Each month, dozens of major international flea market fairs take place across Europe and the US.

Such events of a rare magnitude, gather thousands of flea market merchants, and ten times as many visitors. Behemoths like the yearly 127 Corridor Sale or La Grande Braderie de Lille are some of the most famous in the world. But there are many more flea markets out there, which are just as amazing!

But how to keep track of all these huge flea market fairs, particularly if they do not take place on a regular basis?

We’ve addressed this problem by creating a calendar that actively tracks the biggest & best Flea Market Fairs in Europe and in the US (each of them gathering between 400 and 2 000 vendors!). You can now precisely know up to two years in advance when the best flea market fairs are taking place, and start planning your trip!

Subscribe today to our Premium calendar and get instant access to the world’s best flea market fairs!

Q: Why a calendar ?

A: Because such events mostly take place on a non regular basis, they are pretty difficult to track and easy to miss! This is the reason why we’ve decided to take things in our hands, and create an International Antiques & Vintage Fairs calendar EXCLUSIVELY dedicated to those massive monthly/quarterly/yearly flea market fairs.

Q: How many flea market events are featured in your calendar ?

A: We listed so far in our calendar over 500 top-rated flea market events and antique shows in Europe, the US, Japan, and Australia, gathering between 400 and 2,000 vendors! Which is more than enough to keep you busy all year long!

Q: Can I get a sneak preview of this calendar before subscribing?

A: Sure thing! We’ve taken a few screenshots of what our calendar looks like on laptops and smartphones. And trust us, it looks just as great on tablets!

Q: Why haven’t you included weekly flea markets in your calendar ?

A: Well, it’s true that there are many great weekly flea market out there, like St Ouen (Paris), Brick Lane (London), Mauerpark (Berlin) or the Brooklyn Flea (New York City) to name a few. But since those flea markets take place every week on a regular basis, we did not deem clever to add them to our calendar. The problem is the following: with hundreds of weekly flea markets taking place around Europe and the US each weekend, our calendar would have quickly become cluttered and useless. And we wanted those massive monthly/quarterly/yearly International Antiques & Vintage Fairs to always stand out, and remain easy to find. The list of the best weekly flea markets in Europe & the US (+ time table) is available here.

Q: What Premium features do I get with my subscription ?

A: Our calendar is an ongoing project. This means that we will be adding more and more venues in the weeks and months to come, at no extra cost for you! Besides, our International Antiques & Vintage Fairs calendar has some pretty cool features you will love:

  • Calendar – Track over 500 top-rated flea market events and antique shows in Europe, the US, Japan, and Australia, gathering between 400 and 2,000 vendors. You can also export each or all events to your smartphone – up to a year in advance!
  • Discovery tool – Filter flea markets by size, frequency, season, location and more: Top 20 in Europe, Top 50 in the World, Winter Sun Gateway, Summer Special, Foodie Flea Market, Free Access, Biggest Flea Markets, Rare Flea Markets, and 12 additional categories.
  • Flea market itineraries  – Navigate the world’s most flea-market-friendly cities like a local, with our self-guided 3-day shopping tours. Just follow our virtual steps – we’ll tell you where to go. Available cities: Paris, London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, New York City, Toronto, Rome, Brussels, and Vienna.
  • Bookmark your favorite venues – Save and curate a list of your favorite flea markets with our bookmarking feature.
  • Contact information – We feature each flea market on a map, including its full address and phone number.
  • Haggle like a local – Learn useful phrases and tips to bargain in Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish (more translations coming).
  • Get all upcoming flea markets updates for free – Fleamapket is an ongoing project, which means new venues will continuously be added, at no extra charge.
  • Email support – Need a few tips about upcoming markets? We’re here for our premium members and reply in no time

Q: Can I get a refund if I don’t like it?

A: We are happy if our readers are happy – so we have a money-back guarantee. Give Fleamapket Premium a try, and if it does not live up to your expectations within 48h of your purchase, send us a quick email and we will process a refund. Luckily, 99% of messages we receive from our readers come with positive feedback. Our goal is to make your flea market experience even better, by using Fleamapket.

Q: How can I get access to your flea market and antiques fairs calendar ?

A: Our International Antiques & Vintage Fairs calendar is available to our registered members. So join us today and get instant access to the yearly schedule of the biggest flea markets and antiques fairs in Europe and in the US !