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10 unbelievable places around the world to host a flea market

On an island (San Francisco, USA)

Located on Treasure Island, right in the middle of the bay between San Francisco and Oakland, the TreasureFest (Treasure Island Flea market) offers a truly unique, and breathtaking view over the city skylines of Berkeley and San Francisco.

The flea market itself is not as huge as other flea markets in the region, like the Alameda Flea Market or the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, but with 400+ merchants, it provides quite a decent selection ranging from handmade and upcycled products to antique vases, collectibles, and other rare finds.

If you are looking to take some spectacular photos of San Francisco, Treasure Island is the place you want to try. And as a bonus, the island showcases some of the last surviving buildings and sculptures from the 1930 World’s Fair.

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