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Flea Markets You MUST Visit in Europe in 2014 (Top 15 Mega Flea Markets)


If you’re planning a trip to Europe in 2014, there are maybe a few other things you will want to do apart from visiting monuments, touring museums and savoring the local food. For instance, how about dropping by at one (or some) of the biggest flea market(s) in Europe? France, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Spain are among the most antiques-aware and flea market friendly locations in the world.

One of the great things about Europe, is that its railway network is one of the most modern and best connected worldwide; you can thus for instance (day 1) land in the UK, shop in London, grab the Eurostar to Paris (day 2), do a little flea market shopping there, and then take the Thalys to go to Lille (day 3), Brussels (day 3) and then Amsterdam (day 4). But enough of logistic for now.

Enjoy our ranking of what we consider being the Top 15 mega European flea markets you absolutely MUST visit in 2014. Don’t hesitate to share with us your feedback in the comments section below, if there’s anything we forgot to include in this flea market listing/ranking or if you want to share your own advices and experience. Happy reading!

  • Richard

    Amsterdam 350 exhibitors??? Whole streets are full of stuff.. I would say more then 3500 exhibitors.. Lots of crap.. but the whole innercity is a market

    • http://www.52ndwest.com/ Nicolas Martin

      Hi Richard – Thanks for sharing your input. I’ve personnaly never been to the Vrijmarkt yet (I’ve done though some massive flea markets like Munich’s giant flea market for instance, or la Grande Braderie de Lille), and many other sources seem to agree on the 350 exhibitors; but I guess you’re right to say that it might be closer to 3500 exhibitors (all the more so as the Dutch government permits sales on the street without a permit and without the payment of value added tax). I’ll update the post with your info. Thanks again! More info: http://www.koninginnedagamsterdam.nl/vrijmarkt.html

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  • asmaliana

    Malaysia also have many flea market in every district in everyday rotation. But here more famous on food and clothing / fabric

    • flea market insiders

      Hi Asmaliana,
      Thanks for your input! If you know some addresses in Malaysia worth visiting, please feel free to share; I’ll put them together in a special post. You can alternatively send us your recommendations by email, to fleamarketinsiders@gmail.com.

  • jane

    hi there,
    my name is jane from kenya and would like to know how i can import goods from germany flea markets, like used utensils,wall charts antiques etc. kindly let me know.thanks.

    • flea market insiders

      Hi Jane,

      In order to know how you can import goods from Germany to Kenya, you should get in touch with the Kenyan Custom Department and ask them the question directly. Here’s their website: http://www.kra.go.ke/customs/faqcustoms.html and email address: cic@kra.go.ke
      Good luck :):

      • jane wamaitha

        asante sana. will do that.

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  • antique hunter

    I have been struggling to find information about the antiques fair at Lake maggiore. I can’t find any information about Borgo D’Ale there. Does anyone have any information?

  • Seeyen

    Hi All, Italy has many wonderful Flea Markets. The one in the Square of Aviano (45 mins north of Venice at the base of the Dolomites) is the first Sunday of the month and features about 200 vendors. There is a wonderful vendor that normally sells at the front of the church steps who has a shop in Asolo (about an hour and a half west) that could best be described as “American Pickers” heaven. I have found everything from Green antique Coca Cola bottles (Italian) there, to book shelves, farm equip, glass wine containers, a neat late 1800’s rusted out lantern, an Italian View Finder, a magnificent desk (for 50 euro…). Asolo Ogetti D’Arte SRL. As an aside…he didn’t ask me to do this…but if I don’t share this gem, I would be remiss.

    • flea market insiders

      Hi Seeyen,

      Thanks for sharing your insider tips! I’m pretty sure it will come handy to flea market lovers who plan a “thrifting trip” to Italy/Venezzia :) I think Pordenone also has a big market on Wed and Sat, Spilimbergo on Saturdays and Maniago on Monday.

  • Fleamarket resident…

    Once in Amsterdam you MUST go to the IJ-hallen Flea market. Every first weekend (SA&SU) at Amsterdam NDSM-werf. (there goes a free ferry from Central station)

    +/- 750 exhibitors each time. In summer even more side-outs.

    • http://fleamarketinsiders.com Ashley

      Hi Fleamarket resident! Thanks for the tip! If you feel like sharing some additional details about the IJ-Hallen flea market, you’re more than welcome to create a new listing on http://www.fleamapket.com, the first online map & directory portal 100% dedicated to flea markets, vintage design & antiques stores worldwide. It offers a beautiful & easy to use interface, and is optimized for mobile devices :) Let us know if you need help, we’ll be glad to assist!

    • http://fleamarketinsiders.com Ashley

      Thanks for your input :) this IJ-hallen flea market looks pretty impressive; it would make an interesting addition to the “flea markets in the Netherlands” listing on fleamapket.com (http://www.fleamapket.com/location/the-netherlands/)
      Do you have additional information regarding this venue? Like opening days, type of items found there, prices?

  • Mark Robins

    i am looking for markets where i can sell dutch flower bulbs. I am located in East Austria and can travel . Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  • MalcolmO

    The date of the flea market in munich is a week later. Saturday 26 April.

    • http://www.fleamapket.com/ flea market insiders

      Hi MalcolmO, thanks for sharing this update! I’ll edit the post with the correct date. Cheers

  • JMac

    I hear there is an amazing antiques market in Tongeron, And there is a flea market in Homburg, Germany.

  • sue

    Hi We re looking for a nice big brocante in Northern France or Belgium for January or february….Can anyone help with that???