Best flea market in the US

Flea Market: Top 20 Flea Markets in the US


Flea markets and antiques fairs in the US, no matter whether they host hundreds of vendors or only a few dozens of them, often overflow with unsought treasures. Attending one of the top 20 flea markets in the United States doesn’t guarantee that you will find a hidden gem every single time, but you will probably manage, by putting a little bit of efforts in it and some luck, to find something to decorate your home or offer as a gift.

Above all, a day at the flea markets is always a great occasion to have fun, learn something, and meet new faces! From one-of-a-kind vintage clothing to rare antiques and quirky collectibles, America’s swap meets are full of treasures just waiting to be found.

Enjoy the reading, and do no miss the chance to have a look at our map of the 20 best flea markets in the country at the end of the article.

  • burbank junk trunk

    Great flea markets!! Also check out Burbank Junk Trunk Flea Market, its new to burbank and is held the 2nd saturday of every month beginning march 8th at John Muir Middle School in Burbank, CA. DONT MISS THIS ONE!!! email for more info!!!

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  • Alisha Ramsey

    Roundtop Texas Antique Week is Insane! WARNING – Once you go, you will always go!
    Raleigh Flea Market – Awesome place to find great bargains!
    Flea Market Junkies on FB

    • Ashley Miller

      Hi Alisha, thanks for the tips! If you have more info about Roundtop Texas Antiques’ and Raleigh Flea Market, please feel free to share it; I guess many people out there would be more than happy to know a little bit more about these venues :)

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  • watkins

    The fact that you don’t have English town flea market in nj listed and then in the same listing put up Brooklyn flea amongst all the overrated high priced crap in nyc. Discredits this entire list…

    • Michael

      To my opinion, the English Town flea market has been on a downward spiral for some time now and this time, it seems it has hit bottom. This is the saddest flea market I’ve ever seen. If you’re going for clothes, tools, CD’s, DVD’s, questionable toothpaste, shampoo or food goods, sock vendors, cheap/knock off sweatshirts, work boots, women’s accessories, etc then you’ve found the spot. There are also multiple booths selling drugstore discards: damaged cosmetics, over the counter meds & personal hygiene items in broken boxes. If you are a seeker of actual antiques, then this is NOT the place for you.

      If this place was better organized and they put a limit on the types/numbers of vendors selling new crap, it might become a 3 star experience. At this point, it looks like someone owns a big piece of land and is letting anyone with money and a folding table throw down. If it is $13 a table, and there are easily a thousand tables at the Englishtown Flea (not to mention the sad stores inside of the many buildings), we are basically looking at someone’s poorly managed cash cow. This place needs management, organization and someone that cares about the experience of the attendee.

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  • sg

    Why are these the best? Size? Quality? Attendance? All a matter of opinion.

    • flea market insiders

      Hi sg, thanks for stopping by and asking! As a matter of facts, you’re absolutely right to wonder how we came up with such a listing. To tell the truth, it was quite hard to decide which flea market should make it to this listing, and which not. Top 10 fleas were pretty easy to pick as they naturally make sense (Brimfield, Round Top, Rose Bowl, Springfield…). The following ten where those which required a more thorough investigation, since, as you write it, it’s (almost) “all a matter of opinion”. So we did our own research, and decided to pick flea markets which seem to make a consensus among other flea market enthusiasts.And this is how this listing was born! But as it is the case with any kind of ranking, it is bound to evolve with time :)
      Are there any flea markets you wished would have been featured in this listing?